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Best Bar on the Water Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2002 - Le Tub

Le Tub

Le Tub

1100 N. Ocean Drive

Hollywood, FL 33019


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The sky is heavy and gray. A soft rain falls. You're sitting on a dock built by hand in the 1970s from bits and pieces of other people's Hollywood Beach docks, at a table fashioned from a big hunk of flotsam that washed up here too. Russell Kohuth's littoral creation would never get past a 21st-century building inspector. The catch of the day is mahi-mahi; take it deep-fat fried and crunchy. Tom Waits growls from the jukebox. Bob Dylan is queued up next. A cabin cruiser slides by with Fax-It written on the stern in cursive script. It would be nice to own a yacht. But right now, watching the raindrops make interlocking ripple-circles over the surface of the bay is engrossing. You are untethered. Computer, Worldwide Web, e-mail, fax, Palm Pilot, cell phone have no hold. You have entered the Le Tub zone. A phalanx of toilets and bathtubs transformed into planters separates that world from this slice of Floridian weirdness. It's comforting somehow. With toilets as a decorating motif, Le Tub's not a fitting setting for sleek fancy techno-cats. Breathe. Note the menu: In the evening, shoes required.
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Appreciative to Karma
Appreciative to Karma

Today is a blessed day.  The Feast of All Fools and we celebrate the collapse of Russel T. Kohuth April 1, 2009.  Meanest person known in Putnam County FL.  Died of self induced Karma, in misery, lucky 13 months later.  Good riddance


The owner Kohuth is the worst sleez ball you'd ever meet. He is good for one thing, trashing towns. He currently resides in Palatka Florida and is the worst thing that ever happened to the town.He's a high priced slum lord.


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