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Letters for April 11, 2002

What about Dad? Susan Eastman's article "Not Kid Stuff" (March 28) is timely and well-written. It boggles the mind to imagine that this story is being repeated over and over in our community and around the nation. I honestly believe that these youths are not inherently evil and that their...

Letters for March 28, 2002

Miles to go: Just a few words to let you know that Ashley Fantz's March 21 story, "A Queer Law," was great. As a gay man, I'm very offended not only by laws in Florida but by laws throughout the country about homosexuality. Even though I think we've come a...

The Ten Best Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
Fort Lauderdale isn't as flashy as Miami nor as food-driven as Delray. And it's not as wealthy as Palm Beach. We have no trendy fried chicken joints like South Beach's Yardbird Southern Table & Bar nor recently nominated James Beard semifinalists like Clay Conley chef/partner of "the island's" Buccan. What...

South Florida's Best Hotel Restaurants

3 years ago by Tricia Woolfenden
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Best New World Restaurant

One of the criticisms of New World cuisine -- the combination of local flora and fauna with Caribbean, Latin, and Mediterranean influences -- is that it tries to accomplish too much: too many components in a dish, too many side dishes on one plate, too many competing flavors. Pineapple Grille...
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