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Letters for October 10, 2002

Editor's Note: This week, we publish an extended letters section dedicated only to Bob Norman's September 26 column, "Hawking for Israel." We received dozens of missives in response to the article, so many that we couldn't fit them all. We will publish more in upcoming weeks. They feel we are...

A Fresh Start

13 years ago by Jen Karetnick
Is there any point in summing up the past year? It doesn't seem to matter what we're talking about -- dining, music, politics -- all trains of thought lead to the wreck of September 11. For most of us, it's as if the first eight months of the year didn't...

Not-So-Fresh Prince

9 years ago by Drexel Faris
How did Diplo, a dinosaur-loving, crunk-spinning white kid from Florida, become the hottest party DJ in Philadelphia (if not the world)? It sure as hell isn't through answering questions with complete sentences. You can't blame the superstar producer/remixer/label head/indie music darling for being busy, especially during his current tour with...

The Winners of the Second Voice Media Group Music Writing Awards

1 year ago by Kiernan Maletsky
William Michael Smith (left, photo by Chris Knight) and David ThorpeThe 11 alternative weeklies of Voice Media Group are responsible for a tremendous amount of music writing: This year, we produced thousands of pages of printed stories and tens of thousands of blog posts. We're proud to present the very...

South Florida Web Awards: Meet Your Twitter, Instagram, and Arts/Culture Nominees

2 years ago by Alex Rodriguez
To say the web bridges worlds together seamlessly through invisible streams of data would be a gross understatement. In any case, New Times is well aware of the importance of the web, and we're celebrating with our first South Florida Web Awards. We've scoured the internet in search of the...
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