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Best Place to Snorkel Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2002 - Red Reef Park

Readers' Choice: South Beach
One minute, you're lying on the beach. The next minute, you're staring down a barracuda. And you aren't even breathing hard. Red Reef Park is the couch potato's answer to underwater adventure. It's definitely more exciting than another rerun of Jacques Cousteau but hardly more taxing. The artificial reef that attracts everything from barracuda to clown fish to triggerfish to puffers is only ten to twelve yards from shore in about ten feet of water. Located at the southern end of the park, the rocks were originally hoisted into place to protect swimmers. The new additions soon attracted fish and other sea life, and -- voilà! -- a not-to-miss South Florida destination was born. The spot isn't hard to find. Just look for the bodies lying on top of the water, snorkels pointed skyward. Grab your own snorkel and fins and join them. Short of buying an aquarium, it's the easiest way to see tropical fish up-close and personal. And you don't have to clean the water, change the filter, or feed them. Just kick and enjoy.
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john doe
john doe

The "reef" isn't really a "reef" - more like rock formations... some fish life... not too many. The fee to get in is ridiculous!! Definitely A BAD SNORKEL SITE!!!!! Even for beginners! SHAME ON THE NEW TIMES - ANOTHER BAD REVIEW! I will be taking my reading elsewhere... along w/ my snorkeling!


Oh, the article seemed nice - to check out for snorkeling.

So I drove over there in the mid-afternoon, only to find out at the gate that there was a MINIMUM $18 parking fee for non-Boca residents...

Thank you very much... but no thanks.

Then went down to Deerfield Beach, 25 cents for 10 minutes in the parking meter... a little more reasonable...


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