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Letters for July 18, 2002

Think his teacher noticed? In reference to Bob Norman's July 11 column, "First Pledge": Bravo! Amen! Congratulations on a gutsy, well-written piece. Finally, someone recognizes the rabid knee-jerking this country has been going through for what it is! Am I the only one who left out the "under God" part...

Letters for May 16, 2002

Is the good Rev. Kennedy, well, you know...? I just wanted to say Ashley Fantz put together a great story about Richard Murphy defense of homosexual rights against one of the most powerful homophobes in today's world of televised evangelism, the Rev. James Kennedy ("Cross Purposes," May 2). It's amazing...

Letters for May 9, 2002

And fishing Horan from the drink: On April 25, New Times printed a letter from Mickey Baker chastizing columnist Bob Norman for a biased column and Mike Horan, the subject of Norman's column, for being a sore loser in a lawsuit. I am a 25-year resident of Pompano, a lawyer,...

Letters for October 3, 2002

Biased? He's a columnist, for chrissake: I found Bob Norman's September 26 article, "Hawking for Israel," totally offensive. I have no problem with Mr. Norman being against the war in Iraq, since I am not convinced that a case has been made by President Bush. However, it is the ultimate...
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The Arts Garage in Delray Beach is a rather unassuming locale at first glance. Located in the ground-floor storefront space of the Delray Beach parking garage, you might at first walk past the place without much notice — at least until you catch a glimpse of what's going on inside...
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