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Best Baby Sitter Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2003 - Sitters in a Second

You can take that ill-mannered wench from down the street raiding the fridge while watching the kids for only so long. Eventually, you have to break down and call the professionals. Sitters in a Second employs more than 100 baby sitters in Palm Beach County to keep track of the brats while you´re out on the town. The company screens potential sitters and checks references before it dispatches the people who will help you enjoy your first night on the town since God knows when. Sure, you´ll pay more for the pros: Sitters in a Second charges a membership fee of up to $200 per family and then as much as $16 an hour. The baby-sitter conglomerate, in its ninth year in business, mostly employs folks more than 18 years old and lays down some Ward Cleaver-style rules. Among them: Sitters are forbidden to bring over sweethearts, meaning you won´t have to worry about her (or him) locking braces with a boy/girlfriend on your couch.
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you have the misleading word BROWARD in your webpage's name, no mention of Broward on your page

Erin Hall
Erin Hall

Dear Sitters in a second I wanted to know if you have a web site. If you do will you please send me it. i would love to check you out a little more.

Thanks, Erin hall

Juanita Romano
Juanita Romano

Dear Sitters in a Second,I am interested in joining your team of sitters. I will be 58 years old August 23rd.

My friend Judy Frenier use to be one of your sitters and she referred me to you. I know where your office is in Palm Beach, but I never seem to find anyone there. Is there another office where I can meet with you.

Please reply by email.

Thank you,Juanita


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