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Letters for December 11, 2003

All those damn kids are the problem!: As a recently retired police captain with 30 years of service, I have seen my share of death and destruction, particularly as it relates to the carnage that is occurring and has occurred on our highways. With this in mind, I attempted to...

Letters for February 20, 2003

An old opponent piles on: This is in response to Bob Norman's February 13 article, "Burn, Oliphant, Burn." There are some things in this article that I believe need to be straightened out. Everything done by Commissioner Lori Parrish, including the Swerdlow deal (which I am personally not happy about),...

Letters for October 2, 2003

Bushwhacked in Fort Lauderdale: I agree with Tailpipe (September 25) that forcing out Fort Lauderdale City Manager Floyd Johnson looked like a city commission-led conspiracy. And, it now looks like the total cost of blaming Floyd Johnson for the commissioners' collective inability to manage the city's finances will be $308,875...

South Florida Theater Struggles; Here's Why

3 years ago by Bill Hirschman
The following is excerpted from a multipart series by former Sun-Sentinel Staff Writer Bill Hirschman, who is now editor, chief critic, and reporter for Florida Theater Onstage. To read the entire series, visit floridatheateronstage.com. The single most profound problem facing South Florida theater is that almost no one knows it's...
Best Of Winner

Best Visual Artist

Francie Bishop Good

With an artist whose community connections are as far-ranging as those of Francie Bishop Good, the instructive question to ask is not "What is she involved with?" but rather "What is she not involved with?" Good, who holds a master's in art from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, is...
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