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The Best of 2003

11 years ago by Jeff Stratton
Was 2003 a good year for South Florida music? Sort of hard to tell, innit, when we're always worked into a self-flagellating lather over how tough we have it down here? Well, buck up, lil campers! Sure, the radio sucks wet, musky, pachyderm balls, our big concert venue is named...

Letters for August 7, 2003

Don wants to remain "port"-able: I'd like to thank Trevor Aaronson for the great article regarding the taxi cabs on Fort Lauderdale Beach ("No Fare," July 31). I started driving a cab in 1984, left, and then came back in 1994. The gist of Aaronson's article was certainly true, although...

Events for March 27-April 2, 2003

Thursday, March 27 Part Shakespeare, part Penthouse letter writer, singer/guitarist Stephen Lynch takes the art of storytelling to a sexually confusing and deliciously sarcastic new level. Sick songs packaged with beautiful melodies spew forth on Lynch's latest comedy album. Superhero tackles issues of alcoholism and gynecological health. It answers the...

Palm Beach Music & Entertainment Awards at Club Ovation on May 20

5 years ago by Reed Fischer
​The third annual Palm Beach Music & Entertainment Awards will be held at Club Ovation AKA the Spot (Forest Hill Blvd. and S Congress Ave., West Palm Beach) on Thursday, May 20, starting at 8 p.m. Hosted by John Lamur and the Queen of Crunk, the night will celebrate the...
Best Of Winner

Best Strip Club

Booby Trap

What's the best thing about a strip club? (*Checks watch.* How much time do we have in these best-of blurbs?) Is it all the titties? Yes, it is. But by definition, all strip clubs have that. So what makes Booby Trap different from most strip clubs writhing in the urban...
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