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Best Expensive Italian Restaurant Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2003 - Angelo of Mulberry Street - CLOSED

Angelo of Mulberry Street

Angelo of Mulberry Street

2861 E. Commercial Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


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Readers' Choice: Casa d'Angelo
When you're in Mulberry Street, do as others do: Order as many courses as you think you could possibly eat. Then, after you tuck into the first dish, order three more, making sure to drip whatever it is you're eating onto the menu. That way, diners who come in after you can follow in your knowledgeable, if greasy, thumbprints. The desire to sample a wide variety of the delicious fare is by far the biggest reason Angelo's has been launched into the "expensive" category. In other words, things tend to add up, especially if you ask for a bottle of the Ornellaia Super-Tuscan to drink with dinner. But in the end, the quality and value of the portions jibe so right with the Little Italy pedigree of the restaurant that chances are you'll remember the meal and "fuhgeddabout" the final bill.
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