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Justice on the Dance Floor

7 years ago by Eryc Eyl
Xavier de Rosnay's honesty is refreshing — even if the words he's just uttered won't exactly go down as the most artistically inclined assertion ever made. "We make electronic music," the musician confesses, "because it's accessible and easy." Rosnay is one-half of international dance-floor phenom Justice, whose suave yet glitchy...

Letters for May 22, 2003

The fear factor: I have read only selected highlights of Jeff Stratton's recent article concerning the Florida Philharmonic (Bandwidth, May 15), but that was enough to let me know that he is a man who sees clearly his own future. He must be very aware that the written word and...

Letters for March 27, 2003

Joe McCarthy, listen up: To Bob Norman: You are not an American; please leave this country. Learn your facts first, whether you are a liberal, a Democrat, or a Republican. Being an American is an honor, and you should have none of that. Go to another country and live... please!...

Events for March 20-26, 2003

Thursday, March 20 It's about that time of year. Spring is in the air. Makes you want to get fancy and drink some wine, right? "Wines from Around the World" is the theme for the eighth-annual Las Olas Wine and Food Festival. In addition to sampling a fine selection of...

MTV's 2014 Video Music Awards: In Need of Much Improvement

7 months ago by Liz Tracy
Each year around this time, I sit down with my phone in hand and wait for the MTV Video Music Awards to improve. It's a fruitless exercise. I realize that now. But there's an '80s child inside me who still believes in Music Television as the finest marriage of mediums...
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