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The Best of 2003

11 years ago by Jeff Stratton
Was 2003 a good year for South Florida music? Sort of hard to tell, innit, when we're always worked into a self-flagellating lather over how tough we have it down here? Well, buck up, lil campers! Sure, the radio sucks wet, musky, pachyderm balls, our big concert venue is named...

Letters for March 27, 2003

Joe McCarthy, listen up: To Bob Norman: You are not an American; please leave this country. Learn your facts first, whether you are a liberal, a Democrat, or a Republican. Being an American is an honor, and you should have none of that. Go to another country and live... please!...

Letters for December 11, 2003

All those damn kids are the problem!: As a recently retired police captain with 30 years of service, I have seen my share of death and destruction, particularly as it relates to the carnage that is occurring and has occurred on our highways. With this in mind, I attempted to...

Letters for August 28, 2003

This columnist is decidedly not all wet: Thanks for Bob Norman's interest and excellent writing on the water treatment scandal in Pompano Beach. ("Don't Drink the Water III," August 21) It is truly a shame that an outsider has to take such an interest in our city, but considering the...

Events for March 20-26, 2003

Thursday, March 20 It's about that time of year. Spring is in the air. Makes you want to get fancy and drink some wine, right? "Wines from Around the World" is the theme for the eighth-annual Las Olas Wine and Food Festival. In addition to sampling a fine selection of...
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