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Best Neighborhood Restaurant in Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2003 - Ambrosia Restaurant

If you don't live near Ambrosia, it might be time to move, because this Italian pizza joint doesn't deliver outside of about a mile radius. It's not that the 26-year-old restaurant is snobby. Its spot south of downtown West Palm Beach used to be in a pretty ratty neighborhood before yuppies started rehabbing houses in Flamingo Park and El Cid. It's just that Ambrosia's business is good enough to make customers come to it. The novel-length menu has all the Italian standards, plus some signature items like the spicy chicken fra diavolo in a tomato basil sauce. With dim lights and old wood tables, the décor is somewhat GoodFellas-esque, which goes with the restaurant's slogan, "Where you're only a stranger once." And the pizza is anchored by a stuffed 14-incher with a buttery crust across the top. It puts the pie back into pizza.
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Absolutely phenomenal Italian food! I particularly like the Fra Diavlo (spicy), though the hand-made meatballs and the Eggplant Rolandini are also pretty awesome. Of course, you HAVE to try the pizza! I would consider Ambrosia's to be the best pizza in South Florida. And for the record, I drive up from Hollywood a couple times a month to eat dinner there. Love the staff!!


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