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The Best of 2003

11 years ago by Jeff Stratton
Was 2003 a good year for South Florida music? Sort of hard to tell, innit, when we're always worked into a self-flagellating lather over how tough we have it down here? Well, buck up, lil campers! Sure, the radio sucks wet, musky, pachyderm balls, our big concert venue is named...

Letters for November 6, 2003

The dark side of the Sunshine State: I read Susan Eastman's October 30 article ("Death and Doubts") with interest and wanted to let you know one of Florida's best-kept secrets. We have the highest rate of lynchings of black men in the union, per capita. Nothing like a little history...

Events for April 24-30, 2003

Thursday, 4/24 Like most scientifically unproven pseudohealthy gimmicks, aromatherapy can trace its origins nearly into prehistory. The Egyptians used scents for health as far back as 1550 BC, and the Greeks learned from them, with the Romans cribbing off the Greeks. Despite the fact that most medical doctors acknowledge aromatherapy...

Events for March 27-April 2, 2003

Thursday, March 27 Part Shakespeare, part Penthouse letter writer, singer/guitarist Stephen Lynch takes the art of storytelling to a sexually confusing and deliciously sarcastic new level. Sick songs packaged with beautiful melodies spew forth on Lynch's latest comedy album. Superhero tackles issues of alcoholism and gynecological health. It answers the...

Hungary for Rock?

The Lion will feed you SAT 7/10 It's just another night in the South Florida music scene when a symphonic rock band from Hungary plays with Miami's leading violinist inside a former Winn-Dixie. The ghosts of TV dinners and forgotten produce haunt Ovation (3637 S. Federal Hwy., Boynton Beach), a...
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