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Letters for December 11, 2003

All those damn kids are the problem!: As a recently retired police captain with 30 years of service, I have seen my share of death and destruction, particularly as it relates to the carnage that is occurring and has occurred on our highways. With this in mind, I attempted to...

Second Best?

13 years ago by Jeff Stratton
See those red cheeks? No, over this way. Sorry -- we're blushing with pride up in here. This paper has held an unenviable underdog status when it comes to local music festivals. Behind the competition's formidable stranglehold on the music-fest market, any attempt by New Times to begin its own...

People Who Made the Music Scene Great in 2014: Part 1

3 months ago by County Grind
South Florida has a vast and complicated network of folks who work hard every day to make music and nightlife happen for all of us. They work tirelessly, creatively, and selflessly -- well, for the most part, at least. There is huge reward in giving to others. Each year, a...

Rebuilding Fiona

9 years ago by Frank Houston
She's been branded everything from tortured and bruised to moody and difficult, but right now, Fiona Apple just has a case of the sniffles. Talking on the phone from her Venice, California, home, the much-praised, much-embattled singer/songwriter/pianist is lying low, preparing to embark on the biggest concert tour of her...

Happy Birthday, Dave Grohl! You're a Natural Rock Star

3 years ago by Lee Zimmerman
Some people seem like they were born to be rock stars, like Keith Richards, Chrissie Hynde, Slash, and Lenny Kravitz. If that's true, Dave Grohl would also have to be included among that number. An integral member of Nirvana, one of Grunge's most influential bands, and later Queens of the Stone...
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