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Best Dim Sum Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2004 - Toa Toa

Toa Toa

Toa Toa

4145 N. Pine Island Road

Sunrise, FL 33351


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It's a good thing when you go out for authentic ethnic food and the restaurant is packed with families of that ethnicity who are laughing and eating happily together. This is what you should expect when you arrive at Toa Toa, home to a genuine Hong Kong-style dim sum since 1989. Translated as "to touch your heart," dim sum is the Chinese equivalent to 'round-the-clock brunch, just without the mimosas. Toa Toa has a full menu complete with pictures to guide the novice. There is a variety of small plates of appetizers including sticky shrimp dumplings, fried scallop cutlets, a number of different rice pastes, and even marinated chicken feet -- scrawny, bent-pipe-cleaner-shaped things covered with red gelatinous goop. Brave virgins should just close their eyes and point their fingers at the menu, a good way to ensure variety. Top off whatever you land on with a baked custard bun and a pot or two of tea. Toa Toa is inexpensive (from $2.85 for a small dim sum to $6.95 for silver noodles) and tasty too, a bona fide culinary field trip. Even better, you can get dim sum there all day every day but Wednesday.

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toa toa is by far the best dim sum experience in south florida and probably beyond. It is one of the few restaurants that serves taro shrimp (my son is in Portland, Or. and cant even get it there. The staff is cool...service is great....the place is loaded with Asian diners....and that, in itself, should tell you something. Great dim sum....served daily from the carts....who cares, the food is so far superior to others.


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