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The Ludicrous 12 of 2004

There was Iraq, of course. The mess hall bombing in Mosul, the battle of Fallujah, the Rumsfeld unthinking rejoinder about driving through hostile terrain without armored vehicles. And the presidential election. Who could ever forget that? But news is also what happens in the swirls and eddies at the edges...
Best Of Winner

Best Theater

Arts Garage

The Arts Garage in Delray Beach is a rather unassuming locale at first glance. Located in the ground-floor storefront space of the Delray Beach parking garage, you might at first walk past the place without much notice — at least until you catch a glimpse of what's going on inside...

Letters for September 30-October 6, 2004

Columnist Cop Georgie Porgy, look out! Thank you, Bob Norman, for again being kind of the "morality police" for the right wing. Your article about Felix Rodriguez ("Contra Campaign," September 23) and his campaign against John Kerry again highlights the moral depravity of the right-wingers such as the Swift Boats...

Letters for May 20-26, 2004

Behead the head shop: I am appalled at the stupidity of your company and newspaper. I have read your "Best of Broward-Palm Beach 2004" issue (May 13) and cannot believe what I read. You have picked one of the last head shops in the area (Grateful J's) and degraded its...

Letters June 24-30, 2004

A Journalistic Paragon of a Columnist Brings truth to the people: I enjoyed Bob Norman's recent piece on Susan MacManus ("GOPundit," June 17). I intend to use it as an example of "what not to do" in my advanced reporting class. I always remind my class of the importance of...
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