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Rogues' Gallery

When your movie critics' tastes range from Jane Austen to Rob Zombie, there's bound to be some turbulence come award time. Perhaps not surprisingly, determining the year's best films is something of an imprecise science here: Our top movie was anything but a unanimous pick among the five critics —...

Peeps Invade Lake Worth Art Gallery

2 years ago by Rebecca McBane
With all the St. Patty's Day buzz in the air, it can be easy to forget there's another spring holiday hot on it's heels. As with most holidays that have a religious background, there's plenty of secular fun to be had in regards to Easter.Perhaps no secular treat is more...

Letters for July 28-August 3, 2005

Aaron's for Real And he walks on water...: Homeless Voice is very proud of "Saint Aaron" (Eric Alan Barton, July 21). I believe that if every person in the world adopted one problem, adopted one person, or adopted one cause, the world would be a better place. I hereby ask...

Letters for January 13-19, 2005

Artist as Art Deirdra nailed the wicked cynic: I was hucklebucking home from the studio, being as nicely mannered to passing ladies as my southern roots would allow and planning my next humiliation of other aspiring artists in town, when I saw the latest issue of New Times in the...

South Florida Web Awards: Meet Your Twitter, Instagram, and Arts/Culture Nominees

2 years ago by Alex Rodriguez
To say the web bridges worlds together seamlessly through invisible streams of data would be a gross understatement. In any case, New Times is well aware of the importance of the web, and we're celebrating with our first South Florida Web Awards. We've scoured the internet in search of the...
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