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Best Bar in South Broward Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2005 - The Field Irish Pub and Eatery

The Field Irish Pub and Eatery

The Field Irish Pub and Eatery

3281 Griffin Road

Dania Beach, FL 33312


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The first time the foot falls inside the Field, you get the feeling of having entered a large, 100-year-old Irish house. Once you drop a Guinness, Bass, or Strongbow Irish Cider down the neck, you begin to feel the warm effects of the dark wood and dim-lit interior. From the massive, deep barrel booth in the back to the brick fireplace in the center of the room, the bar creates an atmosphere that transports you to a wee little land across the sea. The spell is complete when the Celtic Bridge Irish Band strikes up on Friday and Saturday nights. As for modern fun, Hot Rod, the local Rod Stewart impersonator, takes the stage every Wednesday at 8 p.m. The pub prepares the belly for floods of Harp with an extensive menu that includes Donegal mussels ($9.95), the Kilkenny sandwich ($7.95), and shepherd's pie ($8.95). Seating is provided indoors and out, where tobacco fiends can lean back in a swinging table and light up a smoke.
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Jamie Brady
Jamie Brady

I used to love going to The Field with my family and friends since I've lived right down the street for 7 years, but my last experience was not good at all. My husband and I walked there the weekend around St. Patrick's Day in 2008 expecting to have a few beers and meet friends later (we'd actually told them how nice it was). When we arrived, there were a bunch of bikers crowding the doorway and they all gave us the evil eye as we approached. Once inside the hostess told us there was a wait. We said that was fine, we'd just have some drinks at the bar and asked if she could take our name down so we could get a table later. She said, "No, there's no list. Just come back later in like half an hour." We thought this was odd but didn't question it too much. Then as I was waiting at the bar to order, a waitress pushed me hard from behind with her hand and said, "You can't stand here." We decided then to go outside where a waiter (who we've had on several ocassions and tipped well) started yelling that my husband was in his way and said "Can't you see I'm walkin' here!!" Yeah. We're walkin' too. Far away from this place. I would not recommend going here.


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