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Best Bread Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2005 - The Baguette at Le Petit Pain

The Baguette at Le Petit Pain

The Baguette at Le Petit Pain

123 S. Third St.

Lantana, FL 33462


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Readers' Choice: Panera

An NPR commentator once asked a French chef if he thought the Atkins Diet would ever catch on in France. "Mais non," the chef replied haughtily. "In France, we must eat one pound of bread every day for good health." No doubt for other reasons of vigor and well-being, that pound of bread must also be slathered with sweet cream butter, n'est-ce pas? And washed down with just a cup or two of hot chocolate to aid the digestion? The baguette ($2.50) at Le Petit Pain is the place to start if you're planning to follow the good chef's advice: the long, thin loaves, crunchy and buttery on the outside, pocked with delicate holes when you break them open, come warm from the oven a couple of times a day. The proprietors, a handsome and charming family hailing from Paris, have evidently picked up a few baking skills in their native country that have translated exquisitely to ours. They serve the finest from the baguettes, which have an unsettling tendency to become as necessary to daily existence as air, to their beautiful cakes, pies, butter cookies, fresh croissants, and filled crepes -- also highly nourishing when eaten in quantity.

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first the bread is frozen for more than 3 -4 day , if they have a cake with a hair on it , they don t throw away the cake , actually they sell it after !a lot of people is coming there , and don t know how they do the food and the bread ! if they know they don t coming back ...they are not friendly , specially the mens !! on the front and kitchen , and the manager is so miserable !don t go more there because all bread are frozen and all stuff are bad because they make it with bad ingredients too and they touch with dirty hand ...specially the bread when they sliced it !please hear me this place is bad you can find better in boca raton and west palm beach , and with friendly people . Julia !!


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