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Best Defense Against Terrorism Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2005 - Hollywood Police Department

Hollywood police do heinous things to patriotic American citizens, so just imagine what they would do to Middle Eastern terrorists if they got their heavy hands on them. There have been accusations of manslaughter, assault, and sexual battery -- and that's just one officer, Pete Salvo. How does the city respond to the brutality? It makes Salvo the Officer of the Year. For photographic evidence of just how much damage Hollywood cops can administer, check out the snapshots of Donald Baker, a 52-year-old construction worker who was beaten silly -- and quite bloody -- by officers after being detained on an open-container violation. Then there's Officer Joe Pendergrast, whose nickname "Heavy-Handed Joe" says it all. He was accused of beating a man and breaking his ankle. The man's crime: He was playing music too loudly in the vicinity of Pendergrast's father-in-law. Forget Texas, Osama. Don't mess with Hollywood.

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John McNamara
John McNamara

Just to let you know that the case of the beating of Donald Baker and the falsification of evidence, as well as the perjury by his former attorney against him is being heard in the 4th DCA on a Petition for Writ of Error, Coram Vobis. This is a 183 page petition with CD-ROM copies, including an appendix of the false evidence; the ethical violations of the state attorneys and former defense counsel, Madeleine Torres' perjury, and including a prolog of the perjury "to be elicited" from Torres by the Assistant State Attorney, Scott Raft, who, the petition alleges suborned perjury and promised immunity for perjury to Ms. Torres. A copy of the petition may be had at the Clerk's Office, or by written request to lawservicescenter @

The Baker case is on all fours with the recent corruption case of Hollywood Police who were caught conspiring to fabricate evidence and falsely convict.

Good reading.

The Miami Office of the FBI recently concluded that the police (4 or 5 officers) did not violate the civil rights of Bernard Devine by shooting his naked and unarmed body 5 times in the back with M-16 rifles. I mention this, because that same field office found that Hollywood, in the Baker case, did not violate his civil rights in attempting to murder Baker and causing his hospitalization for the next four days, and that the falsification of the evidence did not violate Baker's civil rights. Indeed, in the Baker case, the head of Internal Affairs testified that a citizen does not have a right to resist excessive force by a police officer and must curl up in a fetal position and accept whatever torture or death the officer may decide to inflict. In short, the Miami FBI are a gang of Quantico rejects and should not be employed by the Justice Department; they cover for the cops. It is as simple as that.

John McNamara


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