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Best Fried Chicken Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2005 - Keese's Simply Delicious

Keese\'s Simply Delicious

Keese's Simply Delicious

4350 N. Ocean Drive

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308


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Big breasts. Hot legs. Juicy thighs. Isn't fried chicken the best? For more than 40 years, Keese's Simply Delicious has dished out perfectly spicy, sublimely crispy, just-greasy-enough pieces of fresh-fried heaven, even keeping its old family recipe through several management and ownership changes. But besides the fine fowl, Keese's has the advantage of its almost-oceanfront location. So order your two-piece/two-side dinner -- for less than six bucks. (Try the slaw and the intriguingly spiced baked beans). While you wait the requisite 17 minutes cooking time, brown-bag a beer from the gas station across the street and stroll past the tacky-yet-charming shops and cafés of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea's pier district. By the time you make a leisurely lap, your food will be ready to grab and carry back to the beach for a seaside picnic. Just be wary of jealous bystanders. Keese's chicken looks and smells as good as it tastes.

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We went to Lauderdale by the Sea to see the "Christmas by the Sea Event". The band was great and the local people also great as

well. We had a wonderful time. Beer and the wings from The Village Pump, the Ahi Seared Tuna from "101 Ocean" was delicious!

On the way home we stopped into a Hole in the Wall next door on A1A called "Keese's Simply Delicious" to get a bite. Thinking that

"A "Local Place" might end the night in a great experience of the small town. We've traveled the World and that's usually the way to



We ordered a Gyro w/ fries for $6.75 (Always order a Gyro when in the Middle East...), a Meatball Sub w/ fries for $7.50 (They were

both supposed to come with fries and a pickle)... THEY DIDNT! I also ordered an extra order of "fries for two" from the menu for $3.

Total $17.25 + tax...

When I got to the counter to pay, Another woman behind the sweaty counter area asked for $23.64... I figured, what the hell... I

paid $24 even without thinking, smiled and left the counter... "Cindy L." (at least thats what was on the receipt I got later from

these idiots) our order taker... charged us $19.28 "$7.50 Meatball Sub + $6.75 Gyro Pita + $.99 Extra (WHAT THAT WAS FOR IS BEYOND

ME) + a Side of French Fries for $2.95" and I gave $24 even and started walking away... Hopefully to have a nice "Local Dinner" when

we got home... What the extra $.99 and $5 was for... I DON'T KNOW... But whatever... I wish I could upload a scan of this receipt I


Maybe I'll frame it!

As we were walking away, I noticed the "$3 Extra Order of Fries" that I ordered wasn't in the bag! OK... Simple Mistake... I looked

in the only 2 containers in the bag and saw a measely tiny little gyro the size of a baseball on HALF A RIPPED PITA and the other

container had still frozen meatballs from Publix with 2 frozen slices of pastureized fake mozzerella cheese and straight out of a

can sauce on top... It wasn't fit for our dog!!! let alone a Human Being!!! Let alone MY WIFE!!! BTW - NO FRIES.. AND NO PICKLE...

OK... Overcharging us $5 + $.99 for something unknown was ok, but NOT GIVING US WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GIVEN... NO NO NO... I was


I immedialtely walked back and asked where the fries were. The woman that gave me the bag says "It's in there!" I said, "UH NO...

THE EXTRA ORDER OF FRIES WERE NOT IN THERE..." Do I want to buy a Samsung-o stereo also? Hmmmm? WHAT?

So I asked for the "Extra Order of Fries" we were supposed to get. She said, "Give me $3.36" I gave her $4, she threw a bag of fries

at me and she never came back with the change... So I left thinking whatever... Maybe she expected a TIP? Whatever...

As I was walking out the door I felt a urgent need to make Right the Wrong that I was done. So I went back and tried to ask her why

I was being charged now a total of about $7+ for $3 fries PLUS not getting fries in the first place? After 5 minutes of trying to

speak ENGLISH to her I gave up... Maybe that was her Schtick? It was like trying to argue with the Electronics guy from "Don't Mess

With The Zohan"...

I gave up and just threw the whole bag in the garbage... I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO "Keese's Simply Delicious" EVER AGAIN. NOR WILL I


I WILL NEVER GO NEAR THAT PLACE AGAIN... I will also tell everyone I know this absurd and dark funny story...

I've NEVER even seen something close to this kind of ignorance/stupidity... From the Rainforest to Amsterdam!!! This one will

definitely go in my journal...


Keese's brings back real good memories. My parents and I used to stay at the old Outrigger in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea in the 1970s. When they wanted "the kid" out of their face for an hour or so, my dad would give some bucks and they'd let me saunter over in my beach clothes to Keese's for their unbelievable fried chicken take-out lunches or dinners. Made me a very happy boy! I remember all those hot, sunny Florida days and walking into Keese's and smelling all that good food cookin' -- and one older cook, maybe an owner?, who always had a sailor's hat or something on and reminded me of Mel from "Alice." Thanks for posting this!


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