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Best Local Boy Gone Bad Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2005 - Josephus Eggelletion

It's hard to say that this Broward County commissioner has gone bad because that would mean he suddenly changed. But Eggelletion has been just plain bad for many years. He still deserves this distinction because this past annum has been an especially horrendous one for the man called Joe. Let's see, he's been exposed as a paid shill for developers. The Florida Ethics Commission sustained a complaint against him for improperly lobbying for a garbage company. Lauderdale Lakes, the base and birthplace of his political power, basically came to hate his guts after he hurt the city's attempt to annex several neighborhoods. A paternity suit was filed against him by a woman who claims he had a sexual relationship with her when she was a teenaged high school student and he was her teacher at Dillard High School. And other out-of-wedlock children are being discovered to have been sired by the commissioner (that's why we call him the Egg Man). So he's an unethical, profiteering, disloyal, sleazy, predatory poon hound. He might just become our next president.

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I guess this explains why Mayor Joe is so eagar to close The Broward County Support Enforcement Division.

30,000 children in Broward will lose their enforcment services. If their dads were likely to pay, enforcement would not be necessary.

With more and more paternity suits pending, Joe must cringe at the sound of Child Support Enforcement.

Why dont the other commissioners have some backbone and care about these children.

Many cases CAN NOT be enforced by the state service. All will have to wait up to a year to see any money.

Shame on the commisson for backing Joe. If it's a one nite stand, you dont have to take responsibility for your child?! Great logic, Joe!


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