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Best Locally Generated Internet Site Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2005 -

Yes, you can spend hours discussing the ins and outs of South Florida's escort business on here. Many do. Indeed, this is a site you should keep away from junior. It's rich with porno. But for those who do not choose to partake, the IndiBoard is still the best way to take our area's pulse, to see exactly what condition our condition is in. Hours before the daily newspapers' websites had the story, this page broke the sordid Bill Kamal tale and kept it buzzing for days. Hunter S. Thompson's suicide and the South Asian tsunami all generated threads that unspooled for weeks, revealing our region's great and miniature minds thinking and typing. Bitching about local real estate prices, the produce section of the neighborhood grocery store, the horrendous hurricane season... it all happened here. Of course, if you just want to dive into man's oldest, most important debate (blond, brunet, or redhead?), there's no better cliff to jump from. The busiest place in regional cyberspace (one typical Monday afternoon's traffic -- 6,788 topics generating 137,094 replies), rest assured that the IndiBoard has something you want to yammer about, be it making fun of conservative dumbasses, skewering lefty liberals, or off-topic rants like "Surgeons Reattach Severed Penis."

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That site is not what it used to be the moderator is a attempted rapist, and allows a few of his buddies to run rampant chasing off girls who they simply do not like just to see if they can etc..the owner does nothing to protect the gals any longer, it's only about the money. it was at a time a great lil community of like minded people but thats no longer the case ...I would stay well clear of that place, there are many other sites where that crap is not allowed, TER, EROS to name a few.

there is a reason a few sites will not even allow the mention of Independentgirls on thier is has seriously gone down with the noted absence of anyone who cares about the gals who work there


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