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Best Smoked Fish Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2005 - Lox Haven - CLOSED

Lox Haven

5715 Margate Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306


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Oy! Murray! Take a look at those stoy-gen! Congrat-u-lations, Murray, you and your lovely wife have found smoked fish paradise, and, believe it or not, you aren't in New York anymore. Sure, it looks a little like a Manhattan deli, what with the Hebrew National salamis hanging and the signs announcing a sale on chicken cutlets, but this place is truly a Florida-style testament to the fish that sacrificed themselves. Granted, all the swimmers had to travel a distance to get here -- the whitefish and chub are from Lake Michigan, the salmon is from Norway, and others arrived from Chile -- but the flavors are so rich that you'd think they had jumped out of the tank and into the smokers mere moments before they were served. If you've never tried smoked fish, take a taste of nova (nonsalty salmon) or sable for starters. If you are a connoisseur of the stuff, be adventurous and go for the smoked butterfish. Bet you can't find that in your local deli.

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Richard Martin Black
Richard Martin Black

Where is the new "Lox Haven" located. What is the new name of the deli? "Lox Haven" used to be, before Hurricane Wilma10 24 2005, on Margate Blvd. Lox Haven moved to corner State Rd 7 and Coconut Ck. P'kway, 5000 Coconut Ck P'kway, Coconut Creek, Florida. Website used to E-mail was Loxhaven@bellsouth.netWhat is the new name for Lox Haven? Where is the restaurant?What is the address in Sunrise, Florida? Is there a new website? What is it? Is there a new e-mail address?Just a deli or a restaurant also?Richard


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