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Best Bagels Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2006 - Boston Bagel Café

Boston Bagel Café

Boston Bagel Café

964 NE 62nd St.

Oakland Park, FL 33334


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Readers' Choice: Einstein Bros.
"Ah, now that's a bagel! It's just like New York!" Why is it that every favorable bagel review, whether from a food critic or just the chump next door, has to reference New York? It's always Manhattan this, Brooklyn that. Try peddling that line at the Boston Bagel Café. Sure, the name says New England, but the café is pure Fort Lauderdale, locally owned and operated; there's actually not an original location in Boston. The bistro has no shortage of bagel flavors -- 21 in total, from the standards (poppy seed, pumpernickel, onion) to the more gourmet varieties (spinach quiche, jalapeno cheddar, wild berry). A single bagel costs 79 cents plain and 85 cents toasted; three-packs cost $2.35; a baker's dozen (that's 13, you know) costs $6.99. Of course, plain bagels are no fun -- not when cream cheese ($1.88) comes in flavors like honey walnut raisin and Dutch apple cinnamon. Either way, if your order's more than seven bucks, there's free delivery. Just think, you could have your newspaper and breakfast delivered to your door. Maybe then you'll stop thinking of Boston as Beantown.
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The bagels are plain awful. Einstein's is way better. The bagels are stored in the fridge. A trial will convince you. I am not a shill.

Ellen Ferrelli
Ellen Ferrelli

Yes, great bagels. Agreed. But what about that KILLER coffee!!


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