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Best Bar Food Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2006 - Cucina dell'Arte

Cucina dell\'Arte

Cucina dell'Arte

257 Royal Poinciana Way

Palm Beach, FL 33480


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Lots of taverns serve free food; usually, you get what you pay for. Chex mix, jalapeño poppers from a hijacked Costco truck, pygmy chicken wings -- who needs that crap? Cucina dell'Arte is a restaurant during the day with all the swank you'd expect from Palm Beach (Rush Limbaugh sightings, walking plastic-surgery advertisements, enough empty beauty to shame a dozen Paris Hiltons), but at night, it's a fancy-schmancy watering hole. From around midnight until 3 a.m., the place fills with the cosmetically superior classes, the music is cranked considerably beyond 11, and the kitchen just keeps on rockin'. To go with the posher-than-thou cocktails and designer threads, the free pizza is typically high-end: You don't generally see complimentary goat cheese appetizers unless you've made it past St. Pete's pearly gates. Or you're in Palm Beach.
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