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Best Beach in Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2006 - Lake Worth Beach

We were thiiiiiis close to naming Red Reef Park in Boca as the county's best beach, considering the fact that it has a golf course, a pristine snorkeling reef, and the seemingly well-funded Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. But when we saw the $17 entry fee, we were like, Whaaaaat? "It certainly keeps the riff-raff out," said a cocky lifeguard who works there. But, um, what if we are the riff-raff? Which is why Lake Worth beach rules. Lake Worth Beach will always rule. It ruled when we were 15 and got really excited to steal our mom's car and drive in circles around the parking lot and flirt with 17-year-olds until the cops booted everyone at 9 p.m. It ruled when we first started surfing and had to put up with locals' show-me attitudes and pay our dues and get better. It ruled when it had a pier (pre-2004 hurricanes) and the fishermen would throw smiles and chat. Lake Worth Beach hasn't changed that much over the years. It still has Hispanic guys yelling "Hey Mami" and old folks who will strike up a conversation as they wait for the bus. It has an amazing breakfast place in John G's (note the line around the building), a great pizza place, a shop where you can buy cheap towels and sunscreen, a swimming pool, a playground, and bonfires during winter months. Drinking a beer at Benny's on the Beach as you watch the sun set and lick the salt off your lips is heavenly. With its aging façade, its broken pier, and even -- no, especially -- with its riff-raff, this is a place to flip-flop your way down the boardwalk and feel beautifully, democratically alive.
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shauna coolican
shauna coolican

Lake Worth Beach is the best for all the reasons cited. It is a truly democratic beach accessible to all! Sure, the casino could use a face lift, but we don't want to lose everything great about LW Beach. If the proposed development goes through, we probably won't even be able to get near the beach for a couple of years, due to construction and Lake Worth will lose the current parking revenue and Resident parking we have enjoyed for decades.

Denise Carreau
Denise Carreau

Everything you described about Lake Worth beach may be lost forever. The city is working dealing with a developer. Parking fees are expected to go up, John G's and the other businesses may no longer be able to afford rents in the new building, and an event center about four times the size of the old ballroom is planned. It seems that "keep out the riff-raff" (or anyone who can't afford expensive parking) is spreading. If you are a Lake Worth resident, please vote on March 13 for the candidates who don't like the deal on the table. These candidates include Marc Drautz, Ron Exline, (no, not THAT Exline!) Jo-Ann Golden and Drew Martin. If you don't live in Lake Worth, call your PB County commissioners to sound off, as the county is kicking in 5 million of your tax dollars for these so called improvements.


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