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Best Damn Movies of 2006

8 years ago by Nikki Finke
It's official: Hollywood has run out of original ideas. If you thought 2006 was bad, just wait. In 2007, the studios will give up on birthing blockbusters and instead concentrate on cloning them, with sequel after sequel after sequel. Familiar titles will be followed by so many numbers that filmgoers...

NYE Guide 2006

BROWARD/PALM BEACH CLUBS Alligator Alley: If you want to keep it cheap this New Year's Eve and avoid people hurling and acting insane, you might want to head over to Alligator Alley's "No Hype, No High Prices" nonextravaganza. $10 gets you the buffet and the band, Way of the Groove...

Ten Best Breakfast Places in Palm Beach County

1 year ago by Sara Ventiera
Mom was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sure it gets your metabolism going and supposedly people who eat breakfast eat fewer calories over the course of the day. Blah, blah, lose weight, blah, blah, be healthier, live longer - whatever. Point being: breakfast is good...

Letters for January 5-11, 2006

BCC Post-Piety Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little smear: In response to the cowardly former student of mine who would not have his/her name revealed as the author of a nasty letter about me (Letters, December 29): As a matter of fact, 91 percent of my students over the...

Get Your Morning Swerve On With Breakfast Beers

3 years ago by Melissa McCart
Since it's South Florida Beer Week, I've got beer in the loop. Among my fixations are coffee beers in which I've gone so far as to combine beer and coffee, which is a desperate and terrible idea. The origin of my longing is Mikkeller Breakfast Geek, which is so beloved...
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