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Best Car Wash Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2006 - Prestige Car Wash and Salon

Prestige Car Wash and Salon

Prestige Car Wash and Salon

4921 N. University Drive

Sunrise, FL 33351


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Here's what you do. You need your oil changed, you go to Jiffy Lube at 44th Street and University Drive. When you're done there, they give you a $7 discount at Prestige, which is right up the road. So if you want to get a standard wash, you get it for $3.99 -- and you get top-of-the-line service while you're at it. Remember, Prestige isn't just a car wash; it's a salon. Real tony, this place. And you can go all the way up the ladder of offerings if you have the time and money. You want a full detailing of the interior and exterior of your car? That costs $100 -- but a mere $93 with the $7 discount. And you thought gas prices were high. Hey, if you got it, might as well spend it, right? If you don't, get the $3.99 deal. Can't be beat.
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