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Best Damn Movies of 2006

8 years ago by Nikki Finke
It's official: Hollywood has run out of original ideas. If you thought 2006 was bad, just wait. In 2007, the studios will give up on birthing blockbusters and instead concentrate on cloning them, with sequel after sequel after sequel. Familiar titles will be followed by so many numbers that filmgoers...

Letters for May 4-10, 2006

The Waldman Disguise Time for the tell-all, Jim: You have pinpointed things here that should give a lot of people pause ("If Waldman's a Dem, What's With the GOP Cash?" Bob Norman, March 30). Lots of explanations are needed from this man before any real Democrat shells out money to...

Letters for May 18–24, 2006

Need Viagra? There are more spammers waiting in the wings: As a veteran of the "spam wars" since 1997, I've participated in and read hundreds of articles about unsolicited e-mail marketing. Trevor Aaronson's May 11 article about James McCalla and other spammers in Florida ("The $11 Billion Man") is one...

Letters for March 2-8, 2006

Buddy's Two Hats The longest NY minute ever: Bob Norman has hit a nerve again with his exposé, "The GOP's Buddy" (February 23) about Buddy Nevins, who wears two hats as the Sun-Sentinel's political reporter and political columnist. Norman is fearlessly intrepid in the best tradition of the free press...

Best Movies of the Decade

5 years ago by Scott Foundas
Looking back on a decade dominated by the movie franchise — Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Spider-Man to name just a few — and overrun with prequels and sequels (Saw I, Saw II, Saw III, Saw...), our film critics pick their favorites of the '00s. Who's...
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