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Best Ice Cream Parlor Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2006 - Jaxson's



128 S. Federal Highway

Dania Beach, FL 33004


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Readers' Choice: Jaxson's
At the risk of repeating ourselves, have you been to Jaxson's? Like about 20 million times since it opened 50 years ago? As a toddler, as a teen, as a dad, as a grandpa, and now as a great granpadoodle? Such is the life cycle of South Florida Man: centered around visits to the oldest, most authentic, and still the greatest homemade, hand-batched ice cream parlor on this sun-blasted peninsula, where, God knows, we need 80 flavors of ice cream! To say nothing of several tons of antique memorabilia and license plates! Most of us can chart the major transitions of our existence by the way our favorite frozen dessert has changed over the years. At 2, we were mashing our mugs into the Jr. Sampler (three scoops, whipped cream, and a cherry); in youth, we spooned up banana fudge sundaes with the only girl we'd ever love; returning with our own tots in tow, we were ready for -- in fact, we required for our mental health -- the whole Kitchen Sink; now old age has sharpened our palate so we finally appreciate a good peach melba goblet. We look forward to moving on to a Chocolate Suicide (chocolate ice cream, brownie, fudge, chocolate chips) in our waning years -- what a way to go! Our eyesight may fade, our wallets may grow thin, but Jaxson's never changes. Octogenarian owner Monroe Udell's still churning out the sweetest deal in town.
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Vivek Golikeri
Vivek Golikeri

I have no problem with Udell making money, or with those who love Jaxson's Ice Cream. But what infuriates me is selective law enforcement, and in 2005 it looked bitterly and convincingly that Jaxson's was getting the "one law for the rich" treatment. For four months I endured howling amplified music unbearably loud three blocks away. Both the police and city politicians hemmed and hawed, but did nothing. But other code violaters seemed to get swiftly dealt with. Only after I took my case to state representative Ellyn Bogdanoff did the authorities finally stop the noise pollution.

I'm aware that even in this land of free speech we have anti-defamation laws, and nowhere am I explicitly accusing Udell of any intentional collusion with authorities to bend the law. It's quite possible that the semi-retired old man really didn't know that his employees were causing a public nuisance. Then again, it's equally possible that initially he thought he had the cops and City Hall in his pocket, but realized the game was up when Ms. Bogdanoff stepped in.

I'm perfectly within my First Amendment rights to say I have bad SUSPICIONS about whether code enforcement treated ordinary residents and this big shot alike. If they did, government could have been sued under the US Constitution's 14th Amendment. Yet what really infuriated me was many persons' response: "Oh, Monroe is such a nice man, and he gives so much to charity."

We no more need government by Santa Claus than we need government by Al Capone! What we need is nothing less than what the immortal Abraham Lincoln said: Government of the people, by the people, for the people." Moreover, I have no way of ascertaining whether Udell writes off his charitable donations as tax-deductible. If he does, what does that imply for us little folks?

Government has to get its money from somewhere to pay for schools, roads, police, firefighters, etc. So if Udell pays that much less ---- perfectly legal, mind you, under existing tax law ---- we little people need to be taxed that much more to make up what "Santa Claus Udell" does not pay. Bottom line: I, and others, are being forced to pay more taxes to enable this guy to showboat himself as a kindly godfather.

GOD DAMN UDELL'S SAINTED IMAGE! I wish him no ill as long as he has to obey the same law everyone else does. But I don't care a rat's paw what a sweet guy he supposedly is. I just want reassurance that the Fourteenth Amendment to our nation's Constitution will be respected.


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