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Best Pizza Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2006 - Red Rock Coal Fired Pizza

Readers' Choice: Anthony's Coal Fired
Better men than we have come to blows over the definition of good pizza -- the question of whether shellfish belongs anywhere near an authentic pie, the composition and thickness of the crust, the shape of the slice, the list of acceptable toppings and the proportions of each, the origin of the species. So unless you want to find yourself nursing a black eye, you might just want to shut up and eat. Still, it's not impossible that a jury of 12 of our impartial brethren might agree that the thing served at Red Rock -- that entity called "Pizza Salsiccia" ($9.50 for a ten-inch, $19.50 for a 16-inch) that comes to the table on a raised metal stand, riddled with airy, blackened bubbles, gritty with semolina, exuding the scent of slow-cooked tomatoes, roasted garlic, and peppery sausages -- might conceivably be the real deal. We're just putting that out there.
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Chris Cope
Chris Cope

Why don't they have a location near me? This pizza joint is terrific. Great atmosphere, good service and pizza to die for. I'm driving from Kendall to eat here on Father's day. Say no more.


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