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Best Place for a Second Date Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2006 - Mai-Kai Restaurant and Lounge

Mai-Kai Restaurant and Lounge

Mai-Kai Restaurant and Lounge

3599 N. Federal Highway

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


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Loud, dark, and pricey -- is there a better formula for all-important date number two? Broward's tiki mecca has all the makings of the place to close the deal you started negotiating in (nervous, crazy-making) date one. The low light helps minimize the sorts of thing she should have noticed the first time -- the thinning hair, the love handles, the look of sheer terror. And the Polynesian floorshow is loud and mesmerizing, which helps if the conversation wanes. Finally, the drinks are pricey enough to impress and potent enough that rules about waiting for date number three might get broken.
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