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Best Political Coup Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2006 - The Chris Kovanes Scandal

A totally average bureaucrat with a penchant for flashy clothing is brought under a town administrator's wing. He becomes "The Protégé." The town administrator resigns to take a sweet job in the Florida Keys. The town council needs to hire a replacement. The logical choice: The Protégé. But The Protégé is having female problems and needs some supplementary income. He begins to think he's smarter than everybody else. The Protégé sets up a sham corporation and begins to issue town contracts to his bogus company. He collects nearly $500,000. The town finance director discovers the scheme and asks a few questions. The town's assistant city attorney tips off The Protégé to an impending investigation. The Protégé begins to act like a crazed sociopath. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrives in town. Agents say they are investigating fraud, theft, money laundering, even illegal pornography. The Protégé inquires about getting a gun. He goes on the run. The allegations mount. Finally, The Protégé returns to town and turns himself in to police. His mug shot is plastered everywhere. The Protégé awaits trial. That is the story of former Davie Town Administrator Chris Kovanes, whose scam fell apart in October. He was arrested and removed from his job and should go to trial later this year. A crooked bureaucrat. A sham company. FDLE. Fraud. Illegal pornography. Those are fine ingredients for a Best Political Coup.
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jh know... there are two sides to every coin. I knew Chris a long time ago and he was probably the best friend at the time. You could count on him but there was something just below the surface that I could not put my finger on. Sure he was a practical joker but then this was just small potatoes compared to his current situation. The illegal pornography charge... I can't make it out. Chris always had a girlfriend at arms length.

eneida simon
eneida simon

This is unbelivable I meet chris about 1yr ago and wanted to do somehome work on him like any other female that meet guy. But my gut intest was correct. He really need help.

Doug Miller
Doug Miller

I cannot believe what I am reading!!! I mean it is all true! I went to high school with this guy! I sat at his kitchen table and ate fresh chocolate chip cookies with him and his mom. Crazy, crazy, crazy!


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