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Best Restaurant for Gluttons Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2006 - The Jungle Queen

If we're going to sin, let's sin extravagantly. By all means, let's precede the sin with a boat trip down the New River past the glittering manses of even fatter and richer sinners. Let's indulge our sin -- an "All You Wish to Eat" barbecue of ribs, chicken, and shrimp ($32.95 per person!) including piles of potatoes, cole slaw, bread, and chocolate cake -- on a "private tropical island" with a 360-degree view of the water. And could we just follow up our sin with an All New Hilarious Variety Revue, including some magic tricks, perhaps? If we're going to be sentenced to an eternity of eating rats, snakes, and toads, we'd like to condemn ourselves during four hours afloat with a bit of "humorous commentary" from the captain, and, of course, a pleasantly plump tropical moon rising in the background.
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