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Best Theater for Drama Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2006 - The Public Theatre of South Florida

The Public Theatre of South Florida

6501 W. Sunrise Blvd.

Plantation, FL 33313


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The Public Theatre sometimes seems more like a concept than a theater. Give it a room with rows of collapsible chairs and the Public Theatre will provide an evening of searching the darkest corners of American society that always keeps its audience on the edge of its seat. In the past year, Public Theatre's artistic director and father confessor, David Jay Bernstein, focused on the politics of disease and sexual identity (The Normal Heart), ethnic conflict and urban youth disenfranchisement (Barefoot Boy With Shoes On), and domestic abuse and the insanity of war (And Then She Moved the Furniture). Public Theatre does more with less than any company around, fully knowing that elaborate sets and fancy playbills have less to do with the theater of social conflict than do sharp plays with superior casts that include some of the most talented actors in South Florida, both well-known and up-and-coming.
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If by some chance it happens to be the same David Bernstein.... please email me...


Hello.... I graduated from MAUHS, Class of 1980 with a guy named David Bernstein...... Is this the same one???

steve sutton
steve sutton

Hello. My name is Steve Sutton and I�m with the critically acclaimed one man performance of �An Evening with Mark Twain�. We are coming to South Florida and I like to email information to see if you would be interested in booking a performance or performances there at the theatre. Could you give me the name and email address of the person who books the performances?


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