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Best AM Radio Personality Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Jim DeFede WINZ-AM (940)

Readers' Choice: (tie) Sid Rosenberg, WAXY 790 "The Ticket", Neil Rogers, 560 WQAM
Remember Jim DeFede's journalism heyday, when he was making beautiful journalistic music at Miami New Times? That was DeFede Raw. Then he went to the Miami Herald, where we got DeFede Lite (if there can be such a thing for a man of his considerable girth). And now, after his famous firing from the newspaper, he's doing radio on WINZ-AM (940) and regular commentaries on CBS (Channel 4). Call it DeFede Plugged. And we're happy to report that he's a natural on the air. DeFede can talk about the Iraq War, local politics, Tom Waits, and women all with equal aplomb. Does he have the deep impact he used to have with his trenchant newspaper reports? Maybe not, but he brings intelligence, knowledge, and wit to the airwaves of South Florida, a rare feat indeed.
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Peter Sanchez
Peter Sanchez

Dear Sir/Madam:Could you tell me the time of the day that Jim De Fede is in radio, 940(AM)?I miss his commentsThanks in advancePS

Janet Gaudiello
Janet Gaudiello

I am more than disappointed with your removing Thom Hartmann and replacing him with Lionel. That being said, I would be put out with any progressive talker being removed and Lionel replacing that person. Lionel offers nothing. Is he a relative? That must be it.

I can't believe that whoever made the decision actually believes that they know progressive radio. In my opinion, the absolute best show is Ring of Fire. Thom Hartmann is a close second, followed by Ed Schultz. I think Stephanie Miller's show is absoulute buffoonery. Why have her on for 3 hours? Your weekend is an insult to listeners in that it's a bunch of gobbleygook. You've removed good people and replaced them with pure crap.

Robert Goldman
Robert Goldman

The only real voice on AM today and in the years past is NEIL ROGERS! the rest of your choices are wastes of wattage/

DeFede is nothing but a self promoting blotted ego that needs to vcome back to earth!


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