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2007 All Florida Juried Show

8 years ago by Marya Summers
It's easy to take for granted what comes easily. But the thing about a showing of local or regional art: It gives you perspective on the pool of talent you're swimming in. The "2007 All Florida Juried Show" offers 70 works by 59 artists in diverse media including watercolor, oil,...

"Purvis Young: The Angels Exhibition 2007"

7 years ago by Michael Mills
The past few years have been good to Purvis Young. Last year he was named Best Local Artist by this paper. The year before he was the subject of both a career retrospective, "Purvis Young: Paintings From the Street," at the Boca Raton Museum of Art, and a documentary, Purvis...

Letters for June 21 to 27, 2007

Union BluesA day without students: Complacency is something that is often attributed to college students, and from the looks of the action (or nonaction) taken by the student body at Nova, this attribution is right on point (¨Nova to Workers: Drop Dead,¨ Amy Guthrie, June 14). As a college student...

Letters for October 11-17, 2007

Burnin' Rubber, Underwater Can Aquaman handle a Ferrari?: Want to know why "in this country, the future of monofin swimming is very dark" ("Merman," Tamara Lush, October 4)? As a "sport" it would be like watching the 100 meter dash with athletes riding Kawasakis! Hell, why doesn't the guy just...

Letters for December 13-19, 2007

Hang 'em High Think about what you do, teacher man: I sympathize mostly for these kids ("High School Sexical," Deirdra Funcheon, December 6). Andrew Foster overstepped his bounds and abused his position of power [as a teacher]. That's it — bottom line. As a drama teacher myself, I know there...
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