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Best Asian Market Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Phuong Nam Market

Phuong Nam Market

17 N. State Road

Plantation, FL 33317


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The foods of Asia are as varied as the languages spoken among Asians themselves, and when it comes to culinary delights, the best local markets are often bona fide ethnic enclaves that cater to specific cultures and nationalities. At Phuong Nam, a Vietnamese-owned market in Plantation, all products specific to Vietnam are here — from pho noodles and lychee drinks imported directly from Hanoi — while food from neighboring Laos and Thailand is on display as well. Entire rows are devoted to the various styles of Mama noodles common in Southeast Asian households (they put Top Ramen to shame) as well as obscure items (like dehydrated fungus). True purveyors of Vietnamese/Laotian cuisine should love the jackfruit and khanom buang (crispy stuffed pancake), and since Vietnam is renowned for its coffee, it's refreshing to find a local venue with a genuine selection of Vietnamese brands like Trung Nguyen and Café Demonte. The staff at the family-owned market is friendly, but English isn't their strong suit, so you'll have to let your eyes and nose be your guide.
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Aaron Mo
Aaron Mo

Come to PK Oriental Market at Sunset Strip and Univeristy Drive and they carry everything you need from all asain food...

lilliana Espeleta
lilliana Espeleta

I visited Korea and Japan and I'm trying to find vegentables like White raddish, Kimchi, Kkenchip,and other Korean foods. do you have it?


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