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Best Chain Restaurant Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Rosa Mexicano

There aren't a whole lot of good things you can say for rampant development in South Florida. But one quality-of-life improvement associated with those high-rise condos blocking your view of the beach is the arrival of the upscale corporate eatery. For as surely as the moneyed snowbird flies south, so does the better restaurant chain follow in her updraft. Goodbye, Olive Garden; hello, Seasons 52. Good riddance, Taco Bell; bienvenidos, Rosa Mexicano. Rosa was the first upscale Mexican restaurant in Manhattan, opened by the late Josephina Howard — who invented the tableside-guacamole phenomenon where servers dice and mash onion, tomato, peppers, and avocado into the dip of your dreams. The tables at this Palm Beach Gardens location are filled not only with bowls of guac and warm tortillas but also with pasilla chili soup, zarape de pato (pulled barbecued duck between tortillas), boneless beef short ribs, and baby goat tacos. This ain't one of those frozen-margarita-and-chimichurri palaces that have simultaneously wrecked your waistline and your taste buds.
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Douglas Call
Douglas Call

I need for NewTimes to rate the Best of Brunch in Broward. I can't believe you don't already have a best of or at least top 10 brunches in Broward. If you don't have one can you recommend at least the top 5 (price no object) quality of buffet and ambiance is very important.


Last night I attended Rosa Mexicano,only to realize what great food, great service, and phenomenal ambiance is like expierienced all at the same time.

I highly recommend Rosa Mexicana


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