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Best Cheap Thrill in Broward Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Beer Pong at the Cloud Nine Lounge

Beer Pong at the Cloud Nine Lounge

Beer Pong at the Cloud Nine Lounge

7126 Stirling Road

Hollywood, FL 33024


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Much like the National Beer Pong League and the American Beer Pong Association of America, the Cloud Nine takes its beer pong seriously. Not only does the bar have its own custom-built plywood competition tables, house rules, and referees; it knows how to draw hardcore "athletes" — with weekly $150 prizes leading up to the May championship (which comes with a $500 award). For the uninitiated, beer pong is a game in which a pair of two-person teams face off over a Ping-Pong-style table. Each team sets up six plastic cups half-full of beer, with the objective to toss the Ping-Pong ball and land it in one of your opponents' cups. After taking a hit, the player drinks the contents and removes the cup from the table. The team with the last cup standing wins; the loser wins a real nice buzz. All this for a $6 entry fee — enough to cover "equipment" like Miller Lite.
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WOW.. I love this place!


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