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Best Herald Reporter Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Debbie Cenziper

OK, Cenziper has one of those cushy, glory-filled journalism jobs where you spend a year investigating something and then bust out with a report that's sure to win awards. Investigative reporters like her often have years-long lulls where they don't do anything all that special. But Cenziper has proven she's right where she belongs. Last year, her report on hurricane tracking was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. It was a very good series, to be sure, but nothing to make one's heart go aflutter. This year, though, Cenziper really outdid herself. The nicely titled "House of Lies," her series on scandals plaguing affordable housing in Miami-Dade County, absolutely rocked. It led to reforms of the system, firings of lax housing officials, and the arrest of a developer. The series has already won the prestigious George Polk Award and has been named a Pulitzer finalist. The question hanging in the air: What will Cenziper come up with this year?
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Pauline Richardson
Pauline Richardson

Century Village of Pembroke Pines has many Jewish holiday symbols of the December season in the lobby, but will not allow a CHRISTIAN NATIVITY SCENE in the clubhouse with an explanation of offending the Jewish residents. We are now about a 50/50 community of Christians and Jews. Is this condo community now anti-Christian???? They have put up lighted trees, but will not allow the nativity scene. I think this might make an interesting news story. the person to contact in our admin bldg is Toni Gleeson at 954-435-6001. Thank you.

Phred Bishop
Phred Bishop

Congradulations Debbie

I just watched the expose' House of lies. Very well done and I wish there was more reporters like you out there. Im a stagehand and I screenprint tee shirts on the side PHRESHIDEAS.COM

Thanks again for the excelent work . I wish I had your persistence I would have a screenprinting career by now.


Phred Bishop


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