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Best MusicVenue Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Club Cinema

Club Cinema

Club Cinema

3251 N. Federal Highway

Lighthouse Point, FL 33064


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Our inaccessible geography aside, one major reason bands have forsaken us is our preponderance of pathetic venues with nasty bathrooms, bad sound, no parking, and just a general all-around malaise. Part of the problem is that few live music venues were designed as such — believe it or not, we've had everything from Cuban restaurants to Winn-Dixies doubling as rock-concert rooms. Naturally, like everything else in South Florida, Club Cinema is housed in a strip mall. But inside, the swankier-than-thou feel echoes famous rooms like the Fillmore. The lighting, the design, and the well-placed bars all signify class and attention to detail. Now, in these very pages, we've dismantled local politicians and exposed Club Cinema as a business that's very likely more mobbed-up than a Godfather-Goodfellas marathon. But what the heck — if that's what it takes to make audiences feel like they're watching a show in a real goddamned city, we'll take it.
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larry mancuso
larry mancuso

as booker, production co-ordainator, stage manager, loader, larry the fork-lift guy, designer of the grid, installer all the techie shit, my assistantants have moved on to great gigs or commited suicide......thank you for getting the part right about " famous rooms like the Fillmore".. yeah i produce the room like willie wonka makes chocolate at that factory . the words; no, can't won't, don t, too bad, oh well and impossible do not exist in my brain or venue, thats why i thank you for seeing, hearing and feeling what i (we) really do. maybe you should come up with a simular creed to write by and maybe you will get it right, and maybe someone will aknowlede you too.what is fucked up is you diminish the (my) ART with bull-shit mob hear-say, i been here 5 years,there ainnt no wise guyz here. except me talkin to you.thanx for making the right call on the venue and the wrong call on us being " mobbed up". you almost got it right. but that's what ur rag does best."almost gets it right"

larry mancuso


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