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Best Neighborhood Bar, South Broward Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Capone's Flicker Lite

Capone\'s Flicker Lite

Capone's Flicker Lite

1014 N. Ocean Drive

Hollywood, FL 33019


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In 1961, Vincent Capone owned the Flicker-lite Lounge on Grand Avenue in Chicago. Dreaming of warmer climes, he headed south to a sleepy town called Hollywood, where there was only one restaurant on the beach. Capone opened the second. His wife, Joan, did the cooking, and when they added Chicago-style pizza to the menu, a local institution was born. The Capone family still runs the place, which added waterfront dining in 1980, and some of the bartenders have been around since that decade. Another expansion in 1994 didn't mess with the local flavor. The barstools are still well-worn, the meatballs are still homemade, and every Bears game is still watched religiously. So Green Bay Packers fans may want to stay away on NFL Sundays.
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Yesterday, Sunday June 24th two friends and I had thee worst experience I've ever had at a restaurant. Flicker Lite you just lost 3 customers because we'll never be back. From other review sites (Trip Advisor) we're not alone. Apparently you don't care or you would get rid of the worthless piece of so called manager DOC!We were sitting at the bar and it took everything short of standing on the bar to get served. Three empty beer bottles sitting on the ledge and we'd have to flag down the bartender who had been walking past the bottles multiple times and ask for service "oh you need another beer" ah duh...Some poor sap with probably the same non existent service complaint tried to run on an $80 bar tab, you should have seen the bar staff jump then! When the bartenders returned with the "dine and dasher" we asked if that's how you get attention there because we've been waiting once again 10+ mins for service. That was met with a very nasty response basically letting us know we were inconveniencing him. At that point we asked for the manager and the response was "we don't have one". We asked who we would lodge a complain to and were told "write the paper". And the rude comments didn't stop there. I went to the hostess stand to inquire about making a complaint and she told me to talk to the manager Doc and pointed to the person who I was there to complain about! I couldn't believe it, never in my life. Owners of Flicker Lite what are you thinking?!?! As Doc recommended "write the paper" and I intend to find every restaurant review site including local papers and do just that. It's really a shame because the pizza is awesome there but not worth the aggravation


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