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Best Palm Beach Post Writer Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Tom Dubocq

Here's the problem with a lot of big daily newspapers: Their top executives are part of the same Chamber of Commerce clique they should be ripping apart in their pages. The Sun-Sentinel is a shining example of this, with V.P. and General Manager Howard Greenberg chumming it up with the political leaders and the Broward Alliance at every turn. All that access leads to a soft editorial product that often acts as a booster for special interests. Not so the Palm Beach Post. This is a newspaper that hasn't lost its cojones, and if there's one reporter who needs a wheelbarrow to carry his own around, it's Dubocq. He's been busting big investigative pieces about local politicians, knocking over the apple carts, and being a general pain in the ass to the powers that be. In other words, he's doing good. His biggest story has involved lifting the veil on then-Palm Beach County Chairman Tony Masillotti's connection to dirty land deals, leading to federal charges and the politician's exit from public office. More recently, he's made similar findings about PBC Commissioner Warren Newell, whose projected political lifespan has been dramatically reduced as a result. When he's not nailing corrupt officials to the wall, colleagues like Thomas R. Collins, Tony Doris, and Hector Florin are. (Hear the ones about West Palm Beach commissioners Jim Exline and Ray Liberti?) Together, they all show what a good newspaper can do when it's not schmoozing with the same people it should be investigating.
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Gerry Tehorah
Gerry Tehorah

know its been awhile, but just rec'd your article in an email today. whats next 4 ms d is shes having trouble up here. our guess is she had trouble there since s. florida is no place for whiners. her man her job her...enough she's a little bit not doin' too good.


Dubocq is and has been one of the best investigative reporters in South Florida.

Besides smoking with prostitutes and playing like he's got something going on, Florin is just another looser in that newsroom. Next time, double check your sources New Times!!!

Jim Santos
Jim Santos

Tom Collins' best attribute is he's named after a drink. He's Lois Frankel's lap dog. Florin is one of the worst writers in South Florida. What's wrong with you New Times?

news  friends
news friends

Tom Collins??? I guess.................. but Hector Florin, you gotta be kidding!!!!Dubocq is the best.


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