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Green Eyeshade Award Winners

7 years ago by Bob Norman
The winners of the Green Eyeshade Awards, the 11-state south regional Society of Professional Journalism competition, are listed after the jump. Congratulations to the local winners in the 11-state competition, including my own pub's Thomas Francis and Brandon K. Thorp. Of particular note is that the top award in the...

Letters for June 14 to 20, 2007

Taser No Babies When cops taser indiscriminately: Thanks for covering this case. I think Natalie and Wesley Christopher´s story needed to be told, and you did a fine job telling it (¨Plantation 9-1-1,¨ Tailpipe, June 7). W. Dale Miller, Esq., Assistant Public Defender Broward County Florida Hollywood Best of Second...
Best Of Winner


Yes, it’s coming into… focus. The mist is thinning. We’re in the middle of a deadly game of suspense and international intrigue… I see it all clearly now. There’s this James Bond character, a bit of a stiff in his tight-fitting dinner jacket, holding a vodka martini like a trophy,...

Letters for December 13-19, 2007

Hang 'em High Think about what you do, teacher man: I sympathize mostly for these kids ("High School Sexical," Deirdra Funcheon, December 6). Andrew Foster overstepped his bounds and abused his position of power [as a teacher]. That's it — bottom line. As a drama teacher myself, I know there...

Letters for July 12-18, 2007

Freaking Mess? Not.Don´t give up on seafood: I´m a seafood lover, and after reading your mouth-watering descriptions of the Fin & Claw restaurant (¨By Hook and Crook,¨ Gail Shepherd, July 5), I have a mean craving for crab cakes. I am also a nutrition professional and have a bone to...
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