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Best Place to Get a Blue Rinse Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Artistic Expressions by Riviera In Athena's Salon & Spa

Artistic Expressions by Riviera In Athena\'s Salon & Spa

Artistic Expressions by Riviera In Athena's Salon & Spa

8521 Pines Blvd

Pembroke Pines, FL 33024


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Women used to be so striking. Look at Billie Holliday's pin curls, held taut with gardenias. Or Lucille Ball's slicked-up, lacquered-down poodle cut. There were soda-can bouffants, beehives woven into architectural wonders, and, of course, more sexy, bad girl, and rockabilly up-dos than you can wag your wrench at. So, when did things get so... flat? Well, for Riviera DeCordova, time never lapsed. An addict of black-and-white, Turner Classic Movies, Riviera has a soft spot for the hard times of Depression-era fingerwaves and a sweet tooth for the Sugar Pop days of 1950s malt-shop curls. And while she's gathered armfuls of awards from mainstream salons like Regis and Yellow Strawberry for her more modern styles, our gal is whispered about in fancy lady circles for her period work with the Broward Opera House, Atomic Betty's pinup photo shoots, and the Delray Beach vintage trunk fashion shows. She just has a knack for turning ordinary ladies into engine-revving hotrods. So you're feeling limp and need a perm 'cause your locks have just lost that lovin' feeling? No problem; visit Riviera, and let her turn your hair-don't into a hair-do.
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Edward McCool
Edward McCool

Mrs DeCordova is more then what they are telling Riviera also does a great job of making men look great .Riviera has done my hair for Years and she is fun to talk with while she works .Her Personality is one of a person who loves what she is doing and she loves to make people happy I have nothing but the best wishes for this marvelous Hair Artist


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