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Best Private Investigator Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Rory J. McMahon

Rory J. McMahon is so good that he could've written the book on how to be a private investigator. Oh, wait, he did. It's titled the Practical Handbook for Private Investigators. Undoubtedly, this tropical paradise and the shysters the beachside landscape attracts is what provided both the inspiration and the knowledge base for McMahon's follow-up in 2004, Fraud Investigation, a textbook on how to conduct investigations into white-collar crime. He's a former federal probation officer in New York and Florida, and he's been private-eyeing since 1991. His client list is private, and his firm will conduct surveillance, background checks, and even fire investigations.
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Rory J McMahon
Rory J McMahon

I am honored by my selection as "Best Private Investigator." I just wanted to update your records. My "Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, Second Edition", was released by CRC Press in February, 2007.Thanks again for the great honor.Sincerely,Rory


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