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Best Sports Enigma Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2007 - Ricky Williams

After one year in the remote football exile known as the Canadian Football League, Williams is homesick for our Miami Dolphins, and superagent Leigh Steinberg is trying to make it happen. The question is, who's the real Ricky? Was that him in 2002, rushing for a league-leading 1,853 yards? Or was that him in 2004, when he retired from the league, abandoning what might have been a Super Bowl contender, ostensibly so he could live in an African hut and smoke several acres of ganja? It's hard to believe, but Williams didn't even turn 30 until this month. There might still be some gas in that tank. Unfortunately, the Dolphins running game is in the able hands of Ronnie Brown, so we might never know whether there's another side Ricky hasn't shown us.
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black man
black man

ricky might play if he gets reinstated next month if he lays off the weed hell be back probebly to prove himself with a small or no signing bonus a little contract and probebly a back up spot my guess if he goes somewhere either st louis to keep the power style run with stephen jackson or a team with a bad starting running back

the reason he smokes dope is to releive his society disorder which is a disease and if someone can be let back in the league after killing someone while drunk driving and another person is kicked out because he uses a medication for his disease is right id rather be wrong


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