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Best Of Winner

Best Teahouse in Palm Beach

Teas, Etc.

Teas, Etc. is a teahouse only in the purest sense of the term. Nobody is going to offer you watercress sammies and petits fours here. There will be no leisurely afternoons tte-à-tte over a pot of Earl Grey. What Teas, Etc. does is sell tea — lots and lots of...
Best Of Winner


Yes, it’s coming into… focus. The mist is thinning. We’re in the middle of a deadly game of suspense and international intrigue… I see it all clearly now. There’s this James Bond character, a bit of a stiff in his tight-fitting dinner jacket, holding a vodka martini like a trophy,...

Palm Beach, Off the Map

8 years ago by Brandon K Thorp
Since the Palm Beach International Film Festival went competitive in 2003, it's slathered love on a pretty diverse array of films. The award for Best Feature has gone to flicks as quirky as Neo-Ned, a love story about a neo-Nazi and a black chick utterly convinced she's the reincarnation of...

Letters for June 14 to 20, 2007

Taser No Babies When cops taser indiscriminately: Thanks for covering this case. I think Natalie and Wesley Christopher´s story needed to be told, and you did a fine job telling it (¨Plantation 9-1-1,¨ Tailpipe, June 7). W. Dale Miller, Esq., Assistant Public Defender Broward County Florida Hollywood Best of Second...

Best Politician in Palm Beach

Before we begin discussing this 21-year member of the commission, who has pushed purchase of beachfront land for the public, let's get one thing straight: If the Scripps Research Center goes where the commission wants to put it, Palm Beach County is screwed. Putting Scripps, which ultimately will be the...
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